Script Draft 2: Script Harder

Last night (this morning) at 3 AM, I completed the second draft of my script. It is quite different in that we’re playing with themes of the role of the women in a family as well as in society. It’s written rather poorly at the moment, but after a few more editing sessions, I’ll definitely be sure to elaborate on plot points here.

All this being said, it may be good to watch some films/do some research regarding female traditions in western families. Not just things like gender stereotypes, but traditions as well, like passing on heirlooms and the like. Won’t have time today though-I have a presentation due tomorrow that demands my complete attention…it’s gonna be a late one. I’m thankful though, as this project is meant to narrow down my research topics and methods, so my blog posts should get a whole lot more intelligent come this Wednesday.


Until then, let the kettle boil and the instant coffee be at hand.


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