Phantom Reflections

Just a quick post about my thoughts on Beef…the character from Phantom of the Paradise, not the delicious meat. I think the person who told me Beef represents trans equality in the film may have been a little misled. I think the character is supposed to have an androgynous quality to him, so that he is sexually appealing to members of both sexes. I’m not sure the film is even meant to be analyzed in this way.

This train of thought did get me thinking however; I must be careful not to sexualize certain scenes in the film I am writing. After seeing our protagonist, Kyle, dressed as a man, another scene sees him nearly naked in front of his mirror, revealing his woman’s body. I think it will also be necessary for me to research films and photography that expose the female form without hyper-sexualizing it. For the actress playing the trans man in the film, the greatest insult I can do to the story is to try and take advantage of Kyle’s vulnerable moments for the sake of using “artistic” nudity. Think on this I must.


“I’m the evil that you created, gettin’ horny and damn frustrated!”


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