Script Draft 2: Script Harder

Last night (this morning) at 3 AM, I completed the second draft of my script. It is quite different in that we’re playing with themes of the role of the women in a family as well as in society. It’s written rather poorly at the moment, but after a few more editing sessions, I’ll definitely be sure to elaborate on plot points here.

All this being said, it may be good to watch some films/do some research regarding female traditions in western families. Not just things like gender stereotypes, but traditions as well, like passing on heirlooms and the like. Won’t have time today though-I have a presentation due tomorrow that demands my complete attention…it’s gonna be a late one. I’m thankful though, as this project is meant to narrow down my research topics and methods, so my blog posts should get a whole lot more intelligent come this Wednesday.


Until then, let the kettle boil and the instant coffee be at hand.


Phantom Reflections

Just a quick post about my thoughts on Beef…the character from Phantom of the Paradise, not the delicious meat. I think the person who told me Beef represents trans equality in the film may have been a little misled. I think the character is supposed to have an androgynous quality to him, so that he is sexually appealing to members of both sexes. I’m not sure the film is even meant to be analyzed in this way.

This train of thought did get me thinking however; I must be careful not to sexualize certain scenes in the film I am writing. After seeing our protagonist, Kyle, dressed as a man, another scene sees him nearly naked in front of his mirror, revealing his woman’s body. I think it will also be necessary for me to research films and photography that expose the female form without hyper-sexualizing it. For the actress playing the trans man in the film, the greatest insult I can do to the story is to try and take advantage of Kyle’s vulnerable moments for the sake of using “artistic” nudity. Think on this I must.


“I’m the evil that you created, gettin’ horny and damn frustrated!”

Research Begins!

As a great deal of my film deals with personal experiences with my brother, I think it is important to have a wide-ranging view on trans topics and perspectives. Even if I end up telling a story rooted in my own experience, my knowledge of the trans world will have to be thorough and unbiased to make an effective film.

I started the other day I watched a documentary called “Boy I Am” which followed a number of trans men and their various surgeries and struggles they went through to gain personal and societal acceptance. While it was a poorly made film, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to quickly gain a few varying perspectives.

I plan on watching the classic “Boys Don’t Cry” this weekend should I be able to stomach the brutality in it. As for tonight, I’ll be rewatching one of my favourite films, “Phantom of the Paradise”, not only because I feel like it, but because someone told me the character of “Beef” is supposed to represent trans equality in the film. Whether or not that’s true, I’ll at least enjoy the music as always, with hopes to get something more out of it.


“Anyone else who tries, dies!”

I am become Research Journal, Destroyer of Ignorance

Goodbye Ryerson, hello University of Edinburgh.

The purpose of this blog will now be to document my research and thoughts regarding my current film projects.

I am currently working on a script that has to deal with a trans man struggling with gaining acceptance from his family. As such, most of my research will be regarding trans topics, but will also include filmmaking techniques.

And, because we’re in Scotland, have some James Bond.