The Long History of Gaming in Military Training by Roger Smith

            Games have often been used to simulate a military experience, whether for the purpose of entertainment, such as Call of Duty, or for actual military training, a concept seen increasingly in the armies of today. These types of games have existed for a long time though, and have not been limited to existing in a digital space. Roger Smith lists various time periods where these simulations of occurred before, starting with the Stone Age. The act of military generals drawing out tactics in the sand has been used as least as far back as the Romans. In the Paper Age, strategy board games were introduced, entirely for the entertainment of their owners. A predecessor to GO known as WEI HAI even appeared as far back as 3000 B.C. In the Mathematical Age, due to the precise nature of actual battlefield calculations, tools were introduced in war simulations, such as calculators, to add realism to them. After the invention of the computer in the Computer Age, true realism began to take shape, as machines were finally able to process and simulate wars using actual battlefield date. Finally, in the Person Gaming Age, war simulation has become a consumer obsession, with games like Call of Duty grossing more revenue than any other form of entertainment ever, while still retaining a large amount of realism. However, just because these are referred to as games does not mean they do not possess value for other applications as well.

            Call of Duty, love it or hate it, is probably one of my favourite games to play online. However, even though I am running around a battlefield and shooting a gun, I do not consider the experience a very accurate simulation of war, especially in the pin-point precision presented in the weapons. The best use the army has for these sort of simulations is as a recruiting tool.


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