Greedy-Face-Greedy Routing based Human Tracking in Mobile Social Networks By Yingchi Mao

(I was told the minimum for article reviews was one page. However, since I cannot upload word documents, I will just copy and paste the contents here. Enjoy!)


         In this article, Yingchi Mao claims that a large number of phones and phone applications are reliant on the positioning of the user on a world map. He claims that the current technology used to position someone’s phone is inadequate, with GPS being power-consuming and inaccurate indoors, cell-tower based locating being inaccurate as well, and Wi-Fi localization being limited to areas with Wi-Fi in them. He proposes that a method known as Greedy-Face-Greedy routing would help with these problems. In this method, an “Escort” system, users are tracked as they move from one location to another. The system records these travels and uses algorithms to improve efficiency in both travelling and meeting up with other people.

            This is something that would come in handy in my own life possibly, but not right now. The reason for this is that I have no data plan on my smart phone, so GPS technology is not an option for me. I have no access to cell tower locating technology either, so Wi-Fi is my only option. This works great and is free, but I cannot use it when I am on the move, which makes it only useful for planning out my routes, and I would not be able to contribute to the database that this Greedy-Face-Greedy routing would be using. I still think this is a very interesting idea, and one worth exploring, especially for things like Google Maps which people use everyday. However, for me at least, it is something I have and will continue to live without.


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