Changing the World Through Meaningful Play: Report on the 2010 ISAGA Conference by Elizabeth Murff

This article is very simply a report by Elizabeth Murff on the 2010 ISAGA Conference and why it is important. ISAGA stands for the International Simulation and Gaming Association. The theme of the 2010 conference was “Changing the World through Meaningful Play”. The article is written in a very self-important tone, and it is obvious that the author considers this organization to be of paramount importance. The purpose of the conference was to explore the possibility of educating the world through games, but not just in the field of elementary school learning, but in fields such as medicine, the military, criminal justice, business, etc. Examples were brought in by various presenters of how games and simulations were currently improving education around them. The conference was considered a success, as its participants set off to work on projects that would put the year’s theme into motion.

This article doesn’t really relate to my life in any way. I enjoy playing video games for entertainment, and have never taken part in simulations for the purpose of educating myself in any field. The only reason an article like this would interest me would be if I was actively involved in the creation of educational gaming content, or if my major was something other than film.


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